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Paragraph To HTML

Hello Readers / Friends,

Welcome back to CodeEra. Hope you have understand some important Keywords in the Previous blog. So lets Begin with few more HTML Tags which is important while coding and making any webpage.

1) <p> ... </p> -------- Paragraph

2) <pre> ... </pre> ------- Preformatted text
3) <hr> ... </hr> --------- Horizontal Rule
4) <blockquote> ... </blockquote> -------- indicating long quote
5) <font> ... </font> --------- font face, color, size of the text
6) <b> ... </b> -------- bold text
7) <i> ... </i> --------- italic text
8) <u> ... </u> -------- underline text
9)  <strong> ... </strong> --------- also known as bold text
10) <em> ... </em> ----------- emphasized text
11) <tt> ... </tt> --------- monotype font
12) <s> ... </s> --------- strikethough
13) <br> ... </br> ------ break row
14) <big> ... </big> --------- big text
15) <abbr> ... </abbr> -------- abbreviation text
16) <sup> ... </sup> --------- superscript
17) <sub> ... </sub> --------- subscript
18) <center> ... </center> --------- text in center
19) <small> ... </small> --------- small text
20) <bdo> ... </bdo> ---------- bi- directional override


        <title> CodeEra | Become a coder
      <h1><p> <font color="black"><center><b><u>This is CodeEra</u></b></center></font></p></h1>
        <p> 1)This is CodeEra </p> <!-- Paragraph-->
        <p>2) This is <pre>  CodeEra </pre> </p> <!-- Preformatted text-->
        <p>3) This is <hr> CodeEra</hr> </p><!-- Horizontal Rule-->
     <p>3.1) This is <hr width="80%" color="black"> CodeEra</hr> </p><!-- Horizontal Rule-->
     <p>3.1) This is <hr width="50%" color="red"> CodeEra</hr> </p><!-- Horizontal Rule-->
        <p>4) This is <blockquote>CodeEra</blockquote></p><!-- indicating long quote-->
         <p>5) This is <font color="black" size="5"> CodeEra </font></p>    <!-- font face, color, size of the text-->
         <p>6) This is <b> CodeEra </b></p><!-- bold text-->
         <p> 7) This is <i> CodeEra </i></p><!-- italic text-->
         <p> 8) This is <u>  CodeEra</u> </p><!-- underline text-->
         <p> 9)  This is <strong>  CodeEra </str><!-- emphasized text-->
         <p> 11) This is <tt>  CodeEra </tt> </p><!-- monotype font-->
         <p>12) This is <s> CodeEra </s> </p><!-- strikethough-->
         <p> 13) This is <br>  CodeEra </p><!-- break text-->
         <p> 14) This is <big> CodeEra </big> </p><!-- big text-->
         <p> 15) This is <abbr>  CodeEra </abbr></p><!-- abbreviation text-->
         <p>16) This is <sup> CodeEra </sup></p> <!-- superscript-->
         <p> 17) This is <sub>  CodeEra </sub></p> <!-- subscript-->
         <p> 18) This is <center> CodeEra </center></p><!-- text in center-->
          <p> 19)  This is <small>CodeEra </small></p><!-- small text-->
          <p> 20) <bdo dir="rtl"> This is CodeEra </bdo> </p>       <!-- bi- directional override right to left-->
<p> 20.1) <bdo dir="ltr"> This is CodeEra </bdo> </p><!-- bi- directional override left to right-->



Note:- Now save as any"filename" and choose the type is " html " and run in the browser.

Download File - paragraph file

In Next Page , I will give you more examples for  HTML coding.
Till then If you are having any doubt / Queries then you can comment below or send me in my mail i will clear your doubt.

See You in Next Page


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