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Introduction to html

Hello Readers / Friend,

I am going to tell you about the Basic Idea of HTML and CSS. So Let Begins...

HTML is Known as Hyper Text Markup Language. This is not the Programming Language but it is the Markup Language.

You Might be thinking that what is the Different between Programming Language and Markup Language?

- The Different between Programming Language and Markup Language is that :-

Programming Language are like C, C++, Java etc. are the programming language which help to transform data but the Markup Languages are like HTML and XML which help to give the design to any website. Yes this Markup Language is used to Design any Webpage or you can say that overviews of any Webpage.
If we take the example of Facebook , then the overview of Facebook like the design of the facebook is the used of Markup Language but when we click on (SIGN IN or SIGN UP) button in the Facebook is the Programming Language.

Hope You got the Different between Programming Language and Markup Language.

Requriement :-

For the coding the HTML

1) we need to download NOTEPAD++ 

link to download NOTEPAD++ is - https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.3.3.html

2) we need any browser like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox etc.

In Next Page , I will tell you about some Important Keyword that we need in HTML coding.

Till then If you are having any doubt / Queries then you can comment below or send me in my mail i will clear your doubt.

See You in Next Page. 


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